Collectively Lisa and Natalie have interest/knowledge in the following:
Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, Reiki, Thai Massage, Dance, Chakras, Life Style Creation, High Frequency Living, The Art of Communication, Tarot, Osho, Branding, Graphic Design, Business Development, Meditation, Visualizations, Affirmations, Reframing, Words, Intention Setting, Science of Change™, 11 Forgotten Laws, Sacred Geometry, Sensual & Freestyle Movement, Anatomy, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Blood Type Diet, Cardio Conditioning, World Travel, Harmonium, Chanting, Quantum Physics, Astrology, Crystals, Mudras, Energy Clearing, Ritual, Sound Healing, House Music, Reggae, Spoken Word, Shamanism, Marma Point Therapy, Alchemy, Medicine Drumming, Cacao Ceremony, Art, Inspiration, Motivation, Planning, Organizing, Herbal Medicine, Tinctures, Oils…

Lisa Meta Griff is Founder & Creative Director of Metamorfize, a creative business & life coaching studio headquartered in NYC, operating globally. Her 14+ years of graphic design experience partnered with her certification as a Bio-Dynamic Breathwork Practitioner and Meditation Mentor make working with her a transformative creative exploration into new layers of self.

Lisa’s spiritual quest led her around the world experiencing and learning many meditation modalities to quench her own desire for self-love and inner peace. After discovering how breathwork supported her own deep personal transformation, she became a certified Bio-Dynamic Breath Practitioner in 2007 which landed her in Pune, India assisting in this work with her teachers (Rohi & Giten) at the Osho Ashram. After spending 6 months in India, she returned back to NYC and co-ran Urban Breath NYC facilitating weekly Breath Workshops to support others in releasing what holds them back from feeling good in their bodies and making the changes they wanted in their life.

Lisa is passionate about supporting you to become the creator of your life, one breath at a time. 

“Both fear and faith demand you to believe in something you can not see. You choose.” -Bob Proctor

Natalie Pierson, founder of Integrated Form is a Holistic Practitioner with a Background in Exercise Science.  

When outside of Who Am I? experiences, Natalie offers one on one treatments and group classes out of Modrn Sanctuary Wellness Center in NYC.

Her 3 main modalities integrate: Thai Yoga Massage, Zero Balancing & Reiki to encourage effortless relaxation, release held tension & support optimal energy flow.  These custom and intuitive sessions help you to balance and align your body, energy and mind. 

Whether it be through touch, movement or meditation, Natalie hopes to help you gain deeper awareness within and foster a more loving relationship with your body. 

Natalie is passionate about helping to shift and support your return to your higher consciousness and its innate healing powers.

Life is about consciousness and the way we manifest our response to it through the body is the jewel of our creation. Consciousness is.”  – Paul Vick