ManifesTEA date
Let us take you out & charge up your dreams! 

This is a 2 hour private tea date with Lisa and Natalie at a high frequency location where we focus on where you are in your growth and what is in the way of you manifesting into your next level.  These experiences are magical as we charge up your dreams and begin to put into motion a plan of action.

Not only is this experience packed with practical next steps, it’s super fun! You get very personalized one on one time from 2 seasoned coaches/facilitators. The diverse knowledge that we can support you in, from business and brand development to personal self-care and energy management will without a doubt shift your trajectory and make you more magnetic to your life’s desires.

Investment: $500
includes tea & snacks


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“A HUGE thank you for a fabulous ManifesTea!   So excited to be working with both of you.  Buzzing with ideas and empowered validation.  Thanks for the support and the amazing brainstorming session.” – Alexis



Back to Back Session
breathwork session + bodywork session 

This is a 2 hour back to back session with Lisa and Natalie. Receive a unique experience of releasing tension, opening up your body, breathing deep, reframing your brain, and aligning your energy so you leave feeling lighter, refreshed and reconnected.  First, you have an invigorating breath session then an integrative bodywork session, can’t get any better than that! Tea and healthy snack included. 

Investment: $350

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Work with Lisa Meta
Breakthrough Session > Breathe + Move + Heal

Lisa is a Next Level Coach. Her 12+ years of Graphic Design and Business Coaching experience partnered with her certification as a Breathwork Practitioner make working with her a transformative creative exploration into new layers of self. 

These in-person experiences are a unique blend of her modalities crafted to rewire, reboot and reset your body on a cellular level so that mental and physical blocks are released. From this expanded state, you are able to create the next vision for your future.  Shift your vibration in a short time.  

This work is about elevating yourself through deep unconditional love and to realize how much power is inside of you in order to breakthrough to the next level. 

You get to embody your next level rather than stay in the “wanting and thinking” of it. Leave feeling like something shifted and your perspective on life has changed.  Recharge, Rewire, Reframe. Reboot

“Lisa guides you, inspires you and provides a container for you to discover where your growth edges are. She is a mental, life and business strategist that will help you to envision, believe and then leap into the next version of yourself!”

Investment: $300




Work with Natalie
Integrative Bodywork + Energy Hygiene + Yoga

Natalie is an integrative healer & yogi that offers one-on-one sessions, classes, and workshops for your personal empowerment and spiritual awakening!

When she’s not co-facilitating Who Am I? transformational workshops, Natalie offers sacred sessions out of Modrn Sanctuary wellness center in NYC, and is the lead teacher of ChromaYoga in their Himalayan salt room.  ​

Book a one-on-one session with Natalie today! 

1 on 1 Bodywork Session:
You will experience effortless relaxation, release of physically held tension and melting of mental stress. Her fluid combination of techniques will balance and align your body, clear and enhance your energy and awaken your spirit. 

Private Yoga Instruction:
Natalie will help you develop & accelerate your yoga practice by mastering the sun salutations, teach you 3 key foundations for a steady and solid yoga practice while covering proper alignment and progressions. 

Balance your body, Enhance your energy, Awaken your spirit. 

All Who Am I? alumni receive a $25 off discount on all 60 min sessions and $45 off all 90 minute sessions.