Breathe Deep. Move More. Be You.


Create more wealth, confidence, success, health, joy and more!!

Each experience creates space for personal transformation through our signature combination of Biodynamic Breathwork led by Lisa Meta and Yoga Movements led by Natalie Pierson.

We believe deep breathing and moving dynamically are the two most efficient and effective ways to balance your energy and elevate your personal vibration.

Everything you need is inside of you!

Learning how to breathe deeply and connect to your body allows for more relaxation and confidence. You begin to trust yourself and navigate through life’s ups and downs with more acceptance and gratitude.

When you leave this workshop you will have stretched your body, your mind and own a whole new understanding of who you are.

• Reach your potential and discover the power of self inquiry.
• Reframe old thought patterns and release tension in your body.

• Explore new ways of moving your body.
• Learn techniques to become a master manifestor.
• Shift and uplift your energy!

Basically an awesome workout with deep meditation.


  • more connected to your body
  • aware of your thoughts
  • invigorated and relaxed
  • empowered to change
  • open to possibility
  • it’s possible to have what you want
  • elevated in mind, body and spirit


  • expression through sound & movement
  • deeper connection with your breath and body
  • connection with others
  • witnessing others in their process to realize you are not alone
  • taking care of yourself in a loving way
  • better understanding of the thoughts that keep you where you are
  • support from 2 seasoned experts to create what you truly desire
  • deep meditation, stillness and relaxation

Beth Joy Papaleo wrote an article about her experience at the Third Eye Chakra event and we are so honored!! #gratitude #onelove

“We will all have our own meaningful experience with this class I thought to myself, but one we will all remember. We released the negative and let the positive flow through our pineal chakra. What a journey, just wow. At the end, we gathered in a circle wrapped in our personal blankets and our candles were lit. – Beth